Giesenbräu Bier Co.

Erin Hutton, brewer and owner of Giesenbräu Bier Co., stops in studio to talk about his new brewery in New Prague, how he landed there and about his time spent in Germany that influenced his brewing.

Also, Corey and Ira chime in on the Dilly Dilly “controversy” between Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light marketing team and Modist Brewing Company in Minneapolis.

Andrew Burns stops in, too, to talk about the barleywine style.

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Chapel Brewing

Corey and Ira are joined in studio by Andrew Burns, head brewer of Chapel Brewing in Dundas. The three talk about the interesting history and reuse of the building that houses the taproom, Andrew’s approach to brewing and what lies ahead for the new brewery. Also, Corey and Ira share regional news, including a chance to check out local offerings during Northfield’s annual Winter Walk.

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Forager Brewing Company

Austin Jevne, head brewer of Forager Brewing Company, is in studio for this episode of On Tap with Corey and Ira. Austin talks about the concept of Forager, the pride taken in the process of creating the beers (and the food) and the much-loved sour beer program at the brewery. Corey and Ira also preview what’s coming up for the winter and chat about new breweries opening in the coming weeks.

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Shakopee Brewhall

Shakopee Brewhall co-owner Ryan Lindquist and head brewer Ben Salyards are in studio for this extended episode of On Tap with Corey and Ira. The duo talks about the early weeks of the brewery, the importance of being on main street downtown and what’s ahead for the young operation. We’ve also got style of the week, beers of the week and regional news.

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Summit Brewing Co.

It’s a real treat this episode of On Tap with Corey and Ira as Damian McConn, head brewer of Summit Brewing Co., is in studio. In the course of the conversation, McConn talks about his beginnings in Ireland, coming to Minnesota, the growth of Summit and what’s ahead for the St. Paul brewery, and the industry landscape as more and more breweries open. You do not want to miss this show.

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Angry Inch Brewing

Jon Erickson, owner and head brewer of Angry Inch Brewing in Lakeville, is in studio to talk about the trials and tribulations of opening a brewery, what he’s learned since opening July 2016 and how his team is working toward having the brewery become part of the fabric of the community. Also, Corey and Ira talk about some recent beer adventures, including a visit to the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild’s Autumn Brew Review.

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Bank Brewing Co.

On Tap with Corey and Ira are excited to have a guest who traveled the farthest on this week’s show. Jason Markkula of Bank Brewing Co. out of Hendricks (on the South Dakota border) is in studio to talk about the origin and growth of his brewery, from where the brewery draws inspiration and all the exciting beer that’s coming out of Bank Brewing. Corey and Ira also share news about Chapel Brewing, Giesenbräu Bier Co. and Shakopee Brew Hall opening.

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