Summit Brewing Co.

It’s a real treat this episode of On Tap with Corey and Ira as Damian McConn, head brewer of Summit Brewing Co., is in studio. In the course of the conversation, McConn talks about his beginnings in Ireland, coming to Minnesota, the growth of Summit and what’s ahead for the St. Paul brewery, and the industry landscape as more and more breweries open. You do not want to miss this show.

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Angry Inch Brewing

Jon Erickson, owner and head brewer of Angry Inch Brewing in Lakeville, is in studio to talk about the trials and tribulations of opening a brewery, what he’s learned since opening July 2016 and how his team is working toward having the brewery become part of the fabric of the community. Also, Corey and Ira talk about some recent beer adventures, including a visit to the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild’s Autumn Brew Review.

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Bank Brewing Co.

On Tap with Corey and Ira are excited to have a guest who traveled the farthest on this week’s show. Jason Markkula of Bank Brewing Co. out of Hendricks (on the South Dakota border) is in studio to talk about the origin and growth of his brewery, from where the brewery draws inspiration and all the exciting beer that’s coming out of Bank Brewing. Corey and Ira also share news about Chapel Brewing, Giesenbräu Bier Co. and Shakopee Brew Hall opening.

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Kegs and Barrels Festival

On Tap with Corey and Ira hits the road and visits the Kegs and Barrels Festival in Rochester, featuring LTS Brewing, Grand Rounds Brewing Company, Kinney Creek Brewery and Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery. Corey and Ira also talk about beer samples from Bent Paddle Brewing, Hoops Brewing, Blacklist Artisan Ales, Castle Danger Brewing, Voyageur Brewing Company and Three Twenty Brewing Co.

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Imminent Brewing

Northfield’s own Randy Clay of Imminent Brewing is the guest on this week’s episode of On Tap with Corey and Ira. The co-owner and head brewer of the downtown Northfield brewery talks about the origins of his team and their dream, how Northfielders have received the brewery and his approach to brewing. Also, Andrew Burns is in with style of the week and Corey and Ira share news from around the region. A big thanks goes out to Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures for supplying this week’s music.

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Island City Brewing Company

Tommy, Dan and Colton are in from Island City Brewing Company to talk about their new brewery in Winona. We dive deep into their history, their preferences for beer and what’s ahead for the brewery on the river. Also, Andrew Burns takes over for Brad the Beer Guy for style of the week (Vienna lager this week), and we share some quick updates on area breweries being built.

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Roets Jordan Brewery

Tim Roets with Roets Jordan Brewery is in studio this episode for On Tap with Corey and Ira. Find out how Roets is doing in its first year of business, why and how the business landed in Jordan and why the brewery does things just a little bit differently. Also, Brad the Beer Guy is in to talk about the Radler style, and Corey and Ira share some recent adventures on beer road trips.

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